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Casino Bonus Canada

Opening up a new online casino in Canada account involves some careful deliberations. You’ll want to examine the games lobby at various casinos to see which casino offers the best games. You should check out the gaming platforms to make sure that you’ll have access to your favourite games at your leisure on the platform of your choice. You’ll want to research the casino’s ebanking options so that you’ll be able to make your deposits and withdraw your winnings quickly and easily.

The online casino bonus will also play a major factor in your decision. The Casino Bonus Canada is featured at Canadian online casinos, providing players with more opportunities to play more of their favourite games for more time for free. The Casino Bonus Canada can take many forms, from special bonus points that are presented to beginning players to VIP bonuses that are awarded to preferred VIP gamers.

Regardless of your gaming background or gambling level, casino experts suggest that you examine casino bonus codes at some of the numerous Canadian casino sites before you establish an account and start playing for real money prizes.  

Online Casino Bonus

The online casino bonus is available at all of the top Canadian casino sites. Each casino features different promotion offers so it’s important to examine the pros and cons of every casino’s bonuses to determine which bonuses fit your gambling requirements.

Some of the most lucrative and rewarding bonuses include the Betfair casino bonus, the Royal Vegas casino bonus, the All Slots casino bonus and the Ladbrokes casino bonus. Check out these bonuses and others to ensure that you’ll be opening your account at the casino with the bonuses that meet your needs and expectations.

Types of Lucrative Bonuses for Canadian Players

 There are several different types of Lucrative Bonuses for Canadian Players:

  1. Welcome Bonus – the casino’s Welcome Bonus is granted to new gamers who have just opened up their new casino account. The bonus is presented in match bonus gaming credits, usually in several installments, granted over the first week of gaming. Welcome Bonuses can be worth anywhere from $50 to $500 in match gaming credits during the first week of casino activity.

    To claim a Welcome Bonus, you must open a new casino account and establish a new profile. When you make your initial deposit, either on your PC or on your mobile device, the casino will automatically credit you for your Welcome bonus credits. On each subsequent deposit you’ll receive the bonus points that are applicable to that deposit. At the end of your week you’ll move into the Loyalty Points Program.

  2. Loyalty Points – Loyalty Points are granted to veteran gamers. After your first week of casino activity you are invited into the casino’s Loyalty Points program. Loyalty Points are granted on a weekly or monthly basis and allow you to add no-deposit games to your real money gambling activities.
  3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Seasonal Bonus Points – many casinos offer special bonus points which you receive for games played at a specific time of day, day of the week, week of the month or season of the year. These points may be connected to a specific game or they may be general points that are applicable to all games.
  4. Draws – Casinos often feature Draws. These draws are generally offered for a few days, or a few weeks at a time. To participate in a draw you will need to accumulate Draw Points. When you’ve accrued the specific number of needed Draw Points you can join the draw. Your Draw prizes are added to your other payouts. Draw Prizes may involve regular cash payouts or other prizes such as cars, vacation packages and other fun options.
  5. VIP Points – VIP Casino Bonus Points are presented to VIP players who have demonstrated that they are Valued Casino Players. Joining the VIP Room is by invitation only, but once a player is invited to enter the VIP room he can take advantage of all of the perks including the opportunity to earn free gaming points and win special, lucrative prizes.   

    All of the Casino Bonus Canada points are real money points and the wins that you achieve via these points are real money wins. The wins that you earn via these points are added to your existing earnings and you can withdraw them at your leisure.

    The Casino Bonus Canada is available for all players, including mobile gamers, who can access their bonus credits via the casino’s mobile website on their smartphone or tablet browser.

    Additional Bonus Options

    In addition to your bonus points, you have other opportunities to add to your earnings in the form of casino tournaments and progressive jackpots.

    • You can join one of the casino’s fun-filled tournaments and compete against players from around the world. Select one of the upcoming tournaments from the available opportunities – if you choose a Sit and Go tournament, you’ll play as soon as the requisite number of players arrive. If you play a scheduled tournament you’ll start playing at a specified day and time.
    • The casino offers progressive jackpots in which you add a small wager to  a progressive jackpot game. If you trigger the jackpot, you win the entire jackpot prize. 

    As you can see, there is much to consider when signing up for an online casino - not the least of which is where you'll get the best casino bonuses.  You can get the best bonuses available by shopping around a bit first.